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How Can Motorcyclists Improve Their Skills? 5 Tips from an Austin Accident Attorney

By Luke Dow on December 14, 2015

Drivers, passengers, bicyclists and all other road users are at risk of an accident. Motorcyclists, in particular, are vulnerable to injuries in the event of a collision.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Luke Dow Austin

Although nobody can control the actions of other motorists, there are steps that motorcyclists can take to reduce the likelihood of getting into a wreck, or to prevent injuries if a collision happens. Perhaps most important, bikers should continue improving their skills by taking advanced riding courses.

At the Luke Dow Law Firm, we know that it is not always possible to avoid an accident – especially when a negligent driver was involved. If you were injured in a crash, then an Austin accident attorney from our firm can evaluate your case and determine if you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Call us today at 512-518-4104 to schedule a consultation.

Until then, read on to learn five tips to improve your safety while riding a motorcycle:

  1. Take a Safety or Refresher Course
The Telegraph recommends that all motorcyclists take safety courses at some stage. If you are a new rider, then this should be your first priority, but even advanced motorcyclists can benefit from skills classes.
  1. Look for Signs of Danger
As Visor Down mentions, there are often subtle signs that you are about to be in an accident. Keep an eye out for these, and you may be able to avoid collisions.

This may be a car pulling out of a narrow street ahead, car horns, aggressive drivers or slow-moving construction vehicles. Look for signs of danger at all times, and be ready to take evasive action.

  1. Overtake Carefully
If you wish to overtake a vehicle, then you should first ascertain why the car is travelling slowly. It may be that there is an obstacle ahead. When you are ready to overtake, pull into the other lane to observe the situation, and if it is safe, accelerate into the gap ahead of the car.
  1. Stay in Your Comfort Zone
Make sure you always ride in your comfort zone. If you are out with friends, do not feel pressure to match their speed around corners or on the open road. Ride within your own skill level, and never pressure others to keep up with you if you are more experienced.
  1. Observe Car Wheels
One handy tip is to keep an eye on a car’s wheels, particularly at intersections. They are the first parts of a vehicle that will indicate a turn, and if you can anticipate this ahead of time, then you may be able to avoid a crash.

If you were in an accident that a negligent driver caused, then contact the Luke Dow Law Firm for advice. An Austin car wreck lawyer can evaluate your crash, gather evidence, talk with witnesses and handle settlement negotiations. Call us today at 512-518-4104 to schedule a consultation.

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