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What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Accidents in Texas? Austin Injury Attorney Investigates

By Luke Dow on January 06, 2016

Even the safest motorcyclists can fall victim to negligent drivers. Although helmets and other equipment can reduce the severity of injuries, bikers are particularly vulnerable on Texas roads. If you were injured due to another driver’s reckless behavior, then an injury attorney may be able to help.

Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Luke Dow

According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are five times more likely to face severe injuries than other road users, and 26 times more likely to die in a wreck. The aftermath can be physically and financially debilitating. Victims often face expensive medical bills and cannot return to work.

Fortunately, you may be able to avoid overwhelming debt by filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver. If the crash happened in Texas, then call the Luke Dow Law Firm at 512-518-4104 to discuss your legal options. As an Austin accident lawyer, Luke Dow can determine if you may have grounds for a claim.

Read on to learn the four most common types of motorcycle crashes in Texas:

  1. Car-Motorcycle Crashes
Motorcyclists rarely cause accidents because of aggressive riding. Most of these crashes happen because other drivers fail to notice them, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These are small vehicles that can easily disappear in a blind spot, and inclement weather can compound the problem. This is why it is so important for drivers to check their blind spots carefully before changing lanes.
  1. Sudden-Stop Collisions
Rear-end accidents may be minor collisions for cars, but they are potentially deadly for motorcyclists. If a car stops suddenly in front of a motorbike, then the rider could continue going end-over-end – being thrown significant distances and impacting the concrete. Bikers may be able to prevent rear-end accidents by maintaining a safe following distance.
  1. Single-Bike Accidents
Because motorbikes are small and only have two wheels, they are not as stable as heavier vehicles with four or more wheels. A rock in the road, for example, can topple the bike or cause it to skid. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable in bad weather and poor road conditions, and on curvy roads. They should avoid grooves, roadworks, railroad crossings, uneven pavements and other conditions that could cause the rider to lose control of his or her motorcycle.
  1. Sudden Door Openings
Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to an open door collision, especially in busy urban cities. Riders need to be constantly on the lookout for parked cars.

Because drivers often do not even notice motorcycles, they can suddenly open doors in a biker’s direct path, leaving the rider with no time to evade it. Both bikers and motorists can prevent these crashes by being aware of other road users’ actions.

Motorcycle accidents almost always result in injuries. Brain, neck and spinal cord damage are common. These often lead to paralysis, disabilities and loss of cognitive function.

Texas accident attorney Luke Dow can evaluate your situation to determine if you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver. Call 512-518-4104 to schedule a consultation.








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