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How Should You Take Pictures after an Accident? 4 Tips from an Austin Car Wreck Attorney

By Luke Dow on June 13, 2016

Even a minor fender-bender can cause injuries to the neck, head, and back. In addition to the initial pain, some crash victims have to take days or weeks off work to recover. The cost of hospital visits, X-rays, surgeries, and other medical treatments can add up quickly.

Two crashed cars close up

Unfortunately, recovering compensation for your losses after a collision can be a legally complex process. Some drivers do not carry liability insurance; others deny fault. Sometimes insurance companies offer low settlements that do not pay for victims’ ongoing health-care bills.

The actions you take in the immediate aftermath of a collision can significantly affect your ability to recover compensation. If possible, you should gather evidence at the scene to help your car wreck attorney prove liability and negligence.

Photographs can be particularly valuable. They can tell the story of how the crash happened, tie your injuries to the accident, and show property damage. Keep these tips in mind when taking pictures of a crash scene:

  1. Take photos that show the positions of vehicles;
  2. Capture details of your injuries;
  3. Take close-up pictures of skid marks and vehicle damage;
  4. And switch on your timestamp feature.
If you were injured by a negligent driver in Texas, contact the Luke Dow Law Firm. Luke Dow is an accident lawyer in Austin who can interview witnesses, gather evidence, structure your claim, and handle settlement negotiations.

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Here is a brief overview of four tips for taking photos after a collision:

  1. Take Photos That Show the Positions of Vehicles
The positions of vehicles can help your car wreck attorney prove how the crash happened. The Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that you include traffic signs and other landmarks as reference points.
  1. Capture Details of Your Injuries
The success of your claim relies on proving that you suffered an injury or loss due to the at-fault driver’s negligence. Photos of your injuries can help your accident lawyer tie them to the crash. If possible, take these pictures immediately after the wreck.
  1. Take Close-up Pictures of Skid Marks and Vehicle Damage
Photos of property damage may help your car wreck attorney prove how the crash happened. If the defense argues that the accident did not cause your injuries, your lawyer may use photos of property damage to support your claim. The extent of the damage and its location on the vehicles might help your attorney prove that your wounds were the direct results of the collision.

According to Crash Forensics, pictures of skid marks can also tell the story of how the incident happened. They can provide details about the speed and angle the vehicle was travelling.

  1. Switch on Your Timestamp Feature
Most smartphones and digital cameras have timestamp features. These show the time and date the photos were taken. They can help your lawyer prove the chronology of events.

If you suffered injuries due to another driver’s reckless or negligent actions, contact the Luke Dow Law Firm. Mr. Dow is an Austin car wreck attorney who can handle the legal aspects of your claim so you can focus on recovery.

With a comprehensive understanding of Texas injury laws, Luke Dow has the knowledge and resources to find success in court. Call 512-518-4104 to schedule a consultation.


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