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How Can Bicyclists Reduce Their Risk of Crashing? 5 Tips from an Austin Injury Lawyer

By Luke Dow on August 05, 2016

Cycling is a healthy and environmentally conscious way to commute, but riding on Austin’s busy roads can be dangerous. All it takes is one drunk, distracted or otherwise negligent driver to cause a serious accident.

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Although it is impossible to control the actions of other road users, these five tips can help bikers reduce their risk of crashing:

  1. Educate yourself about cycling safety;
  2. Wear brightly colored and reflective clothing;
  3. Avoid the curb;
  4. Make eye contact with drivers;
  5. And use hand signals.
If you were injured by a negligent driver while riding a bike, contact the Luke Dow Law Firm. Mr. Dow is a board-certified personal-injury attorney with a reputation for winning cases.

Call 512-518-4104 to schedule a consultation with an Austin injury lawyer. Until then, read on to learn five ways to reduce your risk of being in a bicycle accident:

  1. Educate Yourself about Cycling Safety
Many cyclists learn how to ride at a young age, and they take no formal course or training. Although this may suffice when riding on quiet neighborhood roads, if you intend to ride in traffic, a safety course could save your life. According to, cycling courses will teach you defensive riding techniques, and how to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.
  1. Wear Brightly Colored and Reflective Clothing
Bicycles are much smaller than motor vehicles and, therefore, are much more difficult to see. As such, cyclists should wear brightly colored clothing and a reflective vest to make themselves more visible.

You should also install a light on the front of your bike and activate it when riding at night, during dusk and dawn, and in poor weather. Finally, attach reflectors to your wheels, the front and back of your helmet, and the front and back of your bicycle.

  1. Avoid the Curb
Do not ride too close to the curb. It is common for cyclists to clip the curb and fall into traffic. It is safer to ride in the middle of the lane and force drivers to treat you like any other vehicle on the road.
  1. Make Eye Contract with Drivers
Making eye contact is an effective way to ensure that a driver has seen you. If a motorist is looking down or not paying attention, then do not expect him or her to give you the right for way.
  1. Use Hand Signals
Your bicycle may not have turn signals, but you can use your hands to communicate with drivers so they can anticipate your actions. Use hand signals every time you turn or change lanes. You can review a list of bicycle hand signals by clicking here.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one negligent driver to put a bicyclist in the hospital. If you were injured in a crash that another motorist caused, contact the Luke Dow Law Firm.

Luke Dow is an Austin accident lawyer who can evaluate your collision, talk to witnesses, gather evidence and help you fight for the maximum compensation. Call 512-518-4104 to schedule a consultation.


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