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Car Accidents Caused by Grooming While Driving

By Luke Dow on August 30, 2018

Woman applying makeup while drivingCar accidents cause serious injuries and result in millions of dollars in financial losses each year. Unfortunately, certain driving habits can increase the risk of auto accidents.

Grooming while driving is one of those dangerous driving habits. People may apply makeup in the car, brush their hair, or clean their teeth while driving.

At Luke Dow Law Firm, we represent those that have been injured in car accidents caused by grooming while driving. Read on to learn more, and then contact our Austin, TX practice to schedule a case review with attorney Luke Dow.

Why Grooming While Driving Is a Bad Idea

Grooming while driving doesn’t get as much attention as drinking or texting while driving. But it is a form of distracted driving that occupies the eyes, hands, and mind, all of which are essential to safe driving.

  • Visual distraction: When someone is grooming in the car, they are nearly always looking in one of their mirrors. Why? Because it’s not really possible to properly groom oneself without looking at what you’re doing. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to drive safely without watching the road either. Even if the eyes are off the road for just a few seconds, it can be long enough to miss the actions of another driver, the change of a traffic light, or a sudden obstacle in the road.
  • Manual distraction: Another danger of grooming while driving is that it requires one or both hands to come off the steering wheel. Without hands on the wheel, it’s not possible to steer the vehicle or make maneuvers that may be necessary to avoid an accident.
  • Cognitive distraction: If a driver is focused on his or her grooming habits, it means that the mind is off the road and the task of driving. Accidents are often the result of sudden changes that require quick thinking and action. If a driver is mentally distracted, he or she is unlikely to respond quickly enough to evade an accident.

Seeking Compensation

Sadly, even if drivers avoid distracted practices such as grooming while driving, they can still be injured in an accident caused by another’s reckless actions. Victims of car accidents caused by grooming while driving may be due financial compensation for any losses associated with the accident.

Typical areas of compensation include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Attorney Luke Dow and his legal team work alongside experts in the field to collect the evidence that is necessary to prove liability for an accident so that their clients can be compensated to the maximum extent of the law. This type of legal expertise can prove invaluable in the aftermath of a car accident.

Contact Us

If you have been injured in a car accident and have questions about your legal rights to financial compensation, contact us at your earliest convenience. Experienced car accident lawyer Luke Dow is happy to discuss the details of your case and advise you of the best course of legal action.

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